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            Roslanie Callerie is from a realm known as Dunchoria. She has one power, just like everyone else.
            Or does she?
            When the despised Dunchorian King displays an arbitrary interest in her, so do a handful of other sinister individuals.
            The hunt is on.
            Even after going into hiding and receiving a new identity, Rose finds it hard to avoid the spotlight, especially with a newfound sense of lust flowing through her. Two boys. Both with their own agendas. But which is looking out for her best interest? As her life begins to spin out of control, the lines between right and wrong, and trust and betrayal blur.
            Who is worth the pain? And, are the sacrifices worth the answers? In a world full of humans, Dunchorians, Griffins, and Celestians, nothing is certain.
             Reality has more than just wings. Watch your step. Hold your breath. Don’t look back.​

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Abby Snow​ Author